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Seeing these photos reminded me of happy times back in high school. As a member of the Liturgy Club, we were tasked to dramatize the Nativity story every year. I was one of the angels in our first year, and then I "demoted" to shepherd and smaller roles in the following years. I was quite small for my age, and so they were even contemplating on having me play as a sheep! Your post made me smile. Those were happy days. Thanks Sidney!


"God's angels often speak directly to our hearts when we are asleep."

i agree!


very nice shots. I like the symmetry :) White can be very beautiful!


you captured quite a unique event here. its interesting how such a festival would stand through the test of time and social change....great shots as usual.

dong ho

angels doing split (last photo)! maybe only in th Philippines!


Candy for the eye Sidney - so well captured!

Wishing you a great end to your week and if you have the time, your welcome over to celebrate with me :-)

Gérard Méry

Voudrais voir si elles sont tatouées


Very ladylike costumes :) I should go visit Bulacan. My dad's from there.


The colours, light, and the girls are beautiful!!


congrats! great pics..i love too see it again and again!...You are an angel to San Rafael . You have shown the world about the angel festival..thank you very much!!!


Ton reportage sur la parade des anges est fabuleux, Sidney.
J'imagine la joie de tous ces jeunes qui participent ! Fête de plusieurs barangays, je suppose.


The angels are growing up.


Beautiful photos.


dodong flores

Love the 5th photo :)


C'est kitch. Mais je me méfie des anges ;-)


Des anges sponsorisés par une école de ... commerce : pas banal, les dieux s'enrichissent-ils en bourse aussi ? ;-)

Ashish Sidapara

Great series, i am sure you enjoyed documenting it. Enjoy the weekend!


OK, I will, I will try to dream of the woman in the third photo.


the fest looks to be finished soon :-) Sidney: Iran is not arabic country, and farsan people, or Persian , are Persian don t talk arabic but farcy, and are very proud of it!


Les ailes du désir...


Their faces are radiant...!

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Great costumes. It must have been entertaining watching the groups perform.


I am sure the lighting in some of these was challenging, but you capture them all so well wonderful series

Photo Cache

These kids do look angelic. I particularly love the first picture.

Happy weekend.


Wow, you have some amazing light in this posting. My favorites are the third from the top - I love how her expression is tired, yet happy - and second from the bottom, I like how this one captures a moment in time.

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